What's he trying to get at?

i'm dating this guy for about 4 months, but we didn't have the talk yet so not really official, although I've already met all of his best friends and he's met some of mine. we get along pretty well! very similar interests, but just different enough to let each other try new things.

tonight I was on an date with him and it was supposed to be having dinner together but it extended into a 6 hour thing where we ate for like 3 hours then walked around for the other 3.

but he kept bringing up other people's relationship stories, and how the other people were trying to clarify their relationship statuses. I think this happened maybe 2 or 3 times. like, he talked about how he read something online, about how a girl hooked up and thought she had a boyfriend, then about a friend of his who tried to have the talk too early and failed. and another story in a similar vein.

we're not fighting or anything, and he still seems into me, he texted me after the date, so I'm assuming he's not trying to break up with me?


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  • if he texted you afte thedate then he probably wasn't even thinking about breaking up with you.You might just be over thinking some stuff a little too much. Its probably because you like him a lot and done want to ruin anything you have with him so you should just keep your cool and let it ride. :)


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