I hung out with this guy last night and we hooked up but I haven't talked to him since then - what should I do?

i feel like I should text him first like maybe he's waiting for me to text him and especially since I went over his house so I should text him and be like thanks for having me over I had fun and stuff like that. what do you think?


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  • i wouldn't text him...i would keep him waiting. I think he'll think you're desperate. if you don't text him back he'll be wondering if you even care and if he cares he'll want you to care so he'll eventually text you. it makes it more of a mysterious chase thing for him.


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  • thats a great idea just to text and say thanks,

    i would say: hey thanks for having me over, it was good fun... hope you had a good time?

    (so he has to respond)

    if he doesn't reply, don't text again, but if he replies.. don't text back straight away (just keep him waiting) then text him back like an hour or so later ...

    its a seriously good tactic !


  • If he's into you he'll call, but I hope you didn't do any sexual things with him or he'll just call or txt you because he know you'll give him what he wants.