Why does my boyfriend always complain and say I never text him?

when I do just not as often as he wants. He says I never talk, never text him when I do. He expects us to talk/text every minute of the day, even when he's at work.

I told him over & over we don't have to talk 24/7 he doesn't get it and if I tell him I need space he accuses me of not loving him, not caring about him, talking to other people, and going online. None of those things are true. I'm trying to give him a chance to change, but it isn't working and I might try to break up with him again. I tried to break up with him before and he wouldn't let me, like he kept changing the subject & calling me a liar.

What do you think?

Any tips, advice?

What do you think about my situation?


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  • He is insecure, needy and in my humble opinion needs to grow up! That said we humans never seem happy in our situation. It is always too little or too much! If you were to comply with his wishes he would complain that you didn't trust him and that you were being too needy. Try it for a week you'll see.

    Now the fact he won't let you discuss a breakup and calls you a liar seems like he is a bit of a bully. One kind of contradicts the other...either way sounds like you need to lose the bum!


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  • I don't think there is enough trust between the two of you just form what I read, you might as well call it off and move on


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  • He sounds very needy and very insecure. Did you do anything to cause insecurity in him?

    • Not at all, I think he's like that because he's Asian

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    • You're right & we have talked about it more than 5 times, he's not going to change so I'm going to move on

    • Good call