A Dinosaur Kiss: Is it more than that?

The setting:

I am a competitive ballroom dancer. Some of the people on our team have a theme of bringing stuffed animal moose to our competitions. There's also a dinosaur.

The cast of characters:

There is a girl I'm into who recently has been paying somewhat more attention to me (nothing obviously flirty, however).

And there's me, who likes stuffed animals, and enjoys making them dance to the music.

The event:

So I was playing with the dinosaur, and caught this girl's attention along the way. We shared a moment of mirroring playful dance moves, and then she came over and took the hands of the dinosaur and danced with him (which I was holding). At the end, she made him kiss her on the cheek, and then our interaction ended.

Was this just playing with a dinosaur, and playfully having it kiss her, or was there something more behind it?


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  • The only way to know for sure is to ask her. She might have been just playing around but she also might have wanted you to kiss her on the cheek.

    Be brave!


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  • Every girl is different! The only way to find out is pursue it! Just go up and talk to her, if she seems interested, then it was probably more (:


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