Why hasn't he texted me?

Okay, so I just started talking to this guy that I like 2 weeks ago. He is very cool, but he is kind of like the nerdy type. I have never really dated the nerdy type but he seems like a really good guy. I talk to his guy friends and my brother is friends with him. Usually my brother is overprotective about the guys I date but with this one, he has no problem. My brother says that the guy I like has never really had many girlfriends & that he only had one & according to him, this guy is still a virgin. I was very surprised because I find him to be very attractive & he works out A LOT so you can imagine what his body looks like. But according to my brother & his friends he really "don't get none" because he is very shy & doesn't go out much. Well, me & him started texting 2 weeks ago & he's pretty cool to talk to. We actually ended up hanging out 2 days ago & he seemed like a genuinely good guy. He did seem very shy & kind of "off" but still managed to hold a conversation. When he went to drop me off before I got out the car I told him to text me whenever. It's been 3 days since we've hung out & still no text :( I actually really like the guy & I'm kinda surprised also. I mean, all his friends & my brother were surprised that he hasn't texted me, the also thought he might of liked me...but I don't know :/ I want to know, am I "tripping" or should I just drop him?


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  • definitely don't drop him! You really can't judge someones feelings toward you based on how they text or act when they're not around you. There could be tons of reasons why he hasn't yet. Plus, there;s so much focus on "not coming across clingy" these days, so maybe he's debating on the right time to text you.

    Just give it a couple days and if he still doesn't, text him with confidence! I love it when a girl texts me out of the blue.

    But please, don't make any decisions you'll regret based off one odd thing he's doing. Give it time and good luck!

    • Thanks! (: He also has school & like I mentioned is the "nerdy" type & he also works...A LOT so I think those factors might also add up to why he is not texting me, or at least that's what I tell myself so that I don't "trip".

    • No you're fine, don't give up that easily! You'll know for sure if he's not interested, and if that happens, then its time to let go. But at this point you're in a good spot. Things like that don't just pick up and go, its a slow process. Keep on talking to him and I'm sure there will be more dates :)

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  • He might be interested in you, but now you are seeing why he hasn't had many girlfriends or hook ups.

    If you are interested just text him.

    • Lol, yeah that is probably why! & yeah I most likely will...thanks (:

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  • is he's shy he's probably driving him self crazy of thinking abotu the opening statement." hello, hi ,watup,marry me" lol its so many to choose from...i say you text him first but since he's so shy you have to hold the conversation unitl he warms up to you..sounds like a sweet kid...good luck ...pls answer my question in return.

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