High School having NO dances except for Prom?

Maybe I'm just old and this isn't something schools do anymore but went I to the high school my daughter goes to now 20 years ago and we had a dance every few weeks(especially during the winter). Sometimes they were for an occasion like Homecoming(Football/Basketball) or Valentine's Day and sometimes they were just money making projects for different clubs. Now at the high school...they have NO dances except the one for the junior's and senior's at the end of the school year.

WTF? and before you ask there has been no shooting or anything crazy like that to stop them. I just don't get not having at least a few during the year for big events.

who doesn't have a homecoming dance? that's just bizarre...am I just being difficult here or is that weird to other people? The kids aren't outraged about it Because they don't know any different they didn't even know there was such a thing as Homecoming dances until I mentioned it to a group of my daughters girlfriends. Of course now they are LOL


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  • States are pretty much bankrupt and the funding for education is severly limited. It was bad 4 years ago, I could imagine how bad it is now.

    Schools just don't have the money to throw parties all the time.

    • the clubs paid for the stuff for the dances not the schools. if the band wanted to throw a dance they got the dj and ran the concessions themselves the school didn't pay for anything. They would even paid for a sheriff to be at the school just in case but all the school had to do was pay to leave one hall light on leading to the gym and it was probably on all night anyway for security.

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    • Then you now know who to blame. You're welcome!

    • maybe but we actually did make money even with the money that was spent in advance. Maybe that's not the case anymore I don tknow I just thought it was odd that they didn't have a homecoming dance at least.

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