Which guy should I go for?

Guy #1: Well he is tall and handsome and really sweet but I'm not sure if I really like him! We've been good friends for awhile as we hangout in the same group. I've been asked to start meeting (kinda like a kissing relationship if you don't know what meeting is) him and I was thinking of going for it, why not? But he's kind of odd and a bit weird (like myself I must say)!

Guy #2: I met this guy two years ago but I haven't talked to him since! I was in love with him when I knew him because he is super hot and was nice and quite at the time. Recently and randomly, he has started talking to me on Facebook and texting me. I know I liked him at the time but I don't know if he has changed a lot or not..

So should I go for the guy I'm friends with but not sure if I like but who I have a definite chance with? Or do I go for the guy who I liked so much and got on so well with at the time and what's happening could quite possibly come to nothing?

I have never had to choose between guys before, I'm usually choosing who to stalk on Facebook and I have no idea what to do..?


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  • Your username doesn't seem to fit your predicament.. I'm just saying.

    Neither.. *Face palm