How can I get him to open up?

I've known this guy for 3 years; we're good friends, and we even have little crushes on each other. I told him that I want to be more than friends. After that, he just stopped talking to me, but I know he likes me too because all the signs are there or whatever. The real problem that is keeping us from being "together" is that he will not tell me ANYTHING about himself. And he doesn't ask me aything. When I ask him a question, he somehow ends up not answering.

This is typical for a teenage guy, I guess...


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  • It may not be age. I'm 53 and just came out of a very serious 10-month relationship with a 49-year old woman who was the same way almost. I told her that trying to get information from her was like trying to pick an apple out of an orange tree. She referred to herself as private. Tho we were engaged, she introduced me to aquaintances very seldom, and then only as "her friend". I'm a white guy, and having had little experience dating black women, I thought that this might be some kind of cultural offense intended. This drove me nuts, 'cause I'm into openess and honesty. When someone says so little, it starts to make ya wonder if there hiding something. Find a guy who's outgoing and open. I could be wrong tho. Good luck.

    • Thanks; I don't like outgoing guys though. Or shy guys. Somewhere in the middle would be perfect for me :-)

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