Unlucky in love never had boyfriend and never had my 1st kiss?

well every since I was 18 years old I have uncanny knack of getting rejected before they even get to know me .they right nasty to me too when they rejection me .i try to be nice most of the guys I like are some times players .i am not much good guys after about 12 years of rejection I can't take it any more .i don't know why they been cruel to me all the time different guys from different places different backgrounds even different country they all treat me the exact way .this how they reject me by boasting they have lot girls or they had of girls ,one said to me he hot young stud he like women just not me .they bost of there stud status to me I don't know why .yet I get rejected they end up lots of girls I end on my in differently . I am short 5ft 2" tall chubby looking black hair and brown eyes and pure white skin ,i am shy and quiet .i did not go to school with boys as child I went all girl school from age 4 to 13 years old .none of guys wanting to know . one guy rejected he has list of women length of phone all he does to get them is nothing .he has very good looking tall fit tanned snow white teeth he walk in room women are already checking he know this love is no problem for him.

men find love no problem they find it every where .life is easier as man when it come opposite gender its not fair why is so easy for them so easy I can't understand ths magic men have I don't .

find love is not problem i.d love to kind of magic this guy has to find love so easy it mean nothing to him he doesn't even have try women come running

i don't know what wrong with me men hate so much to be that cruel you lads say its not cruel but it when you she .these guys who rejected find another girls second later I end on own with no hope finding guy its not fair

what is wrong with .please don't tell the right has not came along I don;t even experience not even experiences never be kissed never asked out never even had fling or dance with guy nothing not single thing not even kind word no compliments only insults and hurt comments for example " any woman but you " here is another "don't get me wrong I like women just not you" etc

these guys all find women week later I end alone and single all by my self alone and rejected and hurt .they didn't care not one they just go off with another girl in front me of once guy did that just after rejection me :(

those guys can have all the fun they want no risk

please no shallow or cruel remarks I am genuine with problem

i am highly sentice to hurt I have hurt entire life by guys in cruel right down to name calling and physical abuse, insults ,

they guys I like are cruel to me and not other women ! fact

please be kind with you words be nice I am asking because I don't not understand the male mind and I am confused so hurt and so lost

please help and be nice

its seem good looking male players have all the fun and love god can give them women come running to them .i wish female equal of that love would be I never get rejected like .love so so easy for them it make upset and angry it mean nothing to them only yet another girl it means nothing to .them


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  • Ok well first off, not trying to be mean you're being biased saying men have it easier and stuff.. Even though I am a man it's not technically my place to say but then again who's place is it to say?

    But, on topic.. I mean It could be the way you're portraying yourself, you said you're quiet and shy, men are also people that like confidence we like women who are happy with what they are and what they want to become (Not saying your'e like this) But some people have harder time finder love then other's, simple and true.

    It sounds to me that you need to (from experience)

    A) Not care what other people are saying as much, especially people you just met

    B) Try to better yourself as a person, like who you are :) and people will notice

    C) Don't Give Up Hope

    I don't see much wrong with what you said, although I must say you have struck some bad luck I know guys that are kind and caring even if they first meet a girl and not even attracted based on there background..

    Suppose you're looking in the wrong place!

    And the answer to where you should be looking?

    Well, that's the kicker :) you find it were you least expect!


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  • "men find love no problem they find it every where ."

    That is simply not true. Not being mean, actually you should take comfort in the fact that you aren't alone. This is a whole forum dedicated to people like you who get older but never have luck in love or life. I am 30 and have only had one girlfriend, ever, and that was sort of a fluke. I have never been able to smile or emote properly and every girl I have ever been friends with eventually stops talking to me because I don't understand boundaries very well and creep them out (though am getting better).

    I would say that, chances are, you exude a lack of confidence in your quiet demeanor. You don't seem all that happy with yourself. Can't really give you the why or how of fixing and understanding the issue since I scarcely know myself. What I can tell you is what helped me.

    Recently I have been trying to simply better myself. Decided not to worry about relationships, stopped signing up for dating sites, started working on my health, mental and physical, and my career. It is insanity to work hard at something that never pays off so I work on what I can control and hope the rest will fall into place. If not, hey, more money for me. But if I do get lonely, once I have gotten better and am where I am happy I can sign up for dating sites and let them do all the scrub work for me (cut out the bars, the clubs, and all that foot work). Once you are successful you are more happy, once you are more happy, you attract people I figure.

    It sounds like you put entirely too much value in what those guys say. Their opinions of you. Much as the men afraid to approach a woman for fear of rejection, you seem to be defeated before you even start. I would suggest focusing on school or work, hobbies, exercising, don't even worry about Mr Right - worry about what is in your control right now at this moment. When I started walking and exercising it helped with some of the pent up frustration and sadness I was feeling and it may work for you too.

    How often do you smile? Is it easy for you or hard for you? Girls who smile tend to be more attractive as are guys. Guys live in fear of rejection too and the nice guys maybe avoiding you if you look mad all the time.

    How is your relationship to your father? What is he like? Girls tend to attract men like their fathers and boys attract girls like their mothers. Creepy but true for trauma survivors. I won't pry but give it some serious thought. Was your dad a real jerk? Are you haunted by ghosts from your past today? Disregard if he was not, of course.

    Some guys are a-holes and some women delight in humiliating men who muster up the courage to approach them. Those are the facts of life. Don't listen to them but don't get mad at them either - mad or attentive, in both cases you give them power over you. If you must feel anything for them, feel pity, They are either trauma survivors or sociopaths and they walk a short and self destructive road.

    • any one eles that will help me remember I am from ISLAND OF IRELAND

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    • who are you ? its island its small country small population that what different choice limited .

      if I live in Europe choice would not be limited it is .guys are very shallow .i meet guys who find love away to easy its not even problem for it mean nothing to them .its not fair

    • Who am I? No one in particular. Another mook on the Internet. Have you tried dating websites? I would suggest losing the frustration and anger you have exhibited in every post here - bitterness will not make things better for you. No guy will be with a girl who resents him on some level and you are clearly mad at men. I would be too. I was at women for years. Exercise., get a hobby, channel that anger into something else productive because all it is doing now is keeping you from what you want.

  • On the contrary, it's actually easier to be a girl. Women hold the power when it comes to sex. The harsh truth is some people are going to be alone because we can't change who we are attracted to. If the people we like don't like us, and we can't change our standards or ideas in a perfect partner, we'll be alone. The only advice I would say is to change your appearance if it's not working.

    • nerrin denial thanks for depression piase of information I really did not need that .i said no shallow no cruel remarks please read next time I don't appreciated you help .so please no more help from you that would be great

  • Women get laid with greater ease than men. That said, you simply have no game. There is nothing wrong with that. Find a female friend of yours that is good with men, and ask her to teach you, like a private tutor, how to find and attract men. Work out, get in great shape, go to the salon, get your hair done, get your nails done, learn to wear make up and actually wear it. Find pretty girls and ask them what they do to look so pretty and copy them.

    After you've done that go online and start dating. Men will talk to you online, then you'll exchange phone numbers, then you will meet, go out, kiss, have sex. You need to fix your appearance, and then go dating online. There will be tons of guys who want to hook up, believe me, it doesn't matter what you look like.

    Go get professional help. Your problems are common, I've had the same problem with women. Truely, you need knowledge, and then fix your problems, good luck.

    • wow you I am not moving like that I don't think like either .i am not shallow person I don't sleeping with guy I am irish we more strict about things not like other countries

    • thanks info I think i,ll ask professional thanks yee advice some of I won't be following

    • i still some guys have edge like good looking guy have no problem getting women attention and keeping it there for long time .all they have to do is put few photos of themselves women come all over the place wanting to know him .go to a lot trouble to get to know him .he never get rejected by attractive women he fancies .yet the girls he has went out with he keeps on Facebook which is strange .to keep some one you gone with on Facebook this behavior I don't understand at all .

  • And you never felt the urge to kiss a girl just to practice?

    I might be on the far other side of the spectrum since my first kiss was either 4 or 5. I was also very sexually curious with girls growing up reading articles on how to please her. The more knowledge you have, the more comfortable you will become. Plus each person's different so it sometimes is best to know a wide variety of techniques.

    Just find someone who you click with that can teach you. Get good guy friends who aren't embarrassed if you ask them questions. I'm completely honest when my friends ask me what I like when they wish to compare notes and such.

  • AAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW you gonna make me cry I feel the same way girls ignore me cause I'm ugly in every way possible its lonely being a guy

    stop going for the players because that's all you'll get is played go for the sad desperate ugly losers like me types who accually want a girlfriend and would treat her with pure love

    have you asked a guy out at all?

    hey ... ask me for a hug if we cross paths some day lol

    p.s what do you look like post a picture I'm going to soon when I get my cam to work

    • can any one else help please

  • You shouldn't define the value of your life over how other people choose to treat you. That's a fool's errand. You should just broaden your horizons and look elsewhere, or try a different approach.


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  • i don't know what to tell you, that's rough. I'm 21 and in the asme situatin! we just gotta get out there more I guess and gofor a different type