Thoughts - kiss on the first date?

What are your thoughts on a kiss on the a first date?


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  • hi again. I know in about 2 minutes with a girl if I am into her, and to you question, the first date kiss. If there is no first date kiss there is no attraction so no second date. That is it. It is OK. Not everything works out. Life is too short. If I like her and she like me, lets go. If not, we are still friends, but that is it.


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  • Best way to have a guy kiss you as a chick is to try and encourage them to do so, if not being flat out obvious by closing your eyes and puckering expectedly.

    Give him the "Kiss Me" eyes.

  • depends on the date. If I feel a vibe that she wants it I go for it if I don't there is no reason to rush.

    • Ok like in a movie theater for example and what if she tried to initiate a kiss?

    • That would be an awkward situation, not sure what I would do. I am not a fan of PDA, and others making out in a movie theatre make me uncomfortable. I have only made out in a movie theatre one time AND the girl and I happened to be the only people in the theatre.

    • Ah OK lol Thanks :)

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