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There are these two guys I really like, one is a year older the other is 2 years older. guy no.1 lets call him Sam, and guy no.2 lets call him Joe. Sam is really fun to be around, he is funny, he is random which I love, and he treats me like royalty. But then there is Joe, he is so perfect, he is nice, sweet, gentle, funny, smart...all these wonderful traits, but I'm not sure if he'll wanna go out with a girl 3 years younger than him. Sam invites me over to his place ALL the tim, but Joe asks me to go to other places such as the beach, a club, and all these public places, I get along well with both of their parents and visa-versa, but I still don't know who! I NEED HELP...BAD!

Sorry, I meant guy no.2 is 3 years older not 2.


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  • They both sound like good guys, but if Joe asks you to go to a lot of places with him that sounds like he really likes you. If Sam just invites you to his house he might like you too, but maybe not into dates. It depends what you want but find out if Joe would date a younger girl, it might not matter to him. Pick which one you have the most feelings for


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  • In general, I would say pick the older guy. Girls mature faster than boys so a younger girl goes better with an older man (within reason people. lol).

    I see your dilema very muchly, nothing to choose between them, both offer so different an experience.

    However, on this occasion I'm going to say. Don't choose. Spend time with both them as your friends. See which one wears off first.

    If either try and push for boyfriend, let them know you like them but your not ready to choose. Whichever one gives up first, pick the other! :D


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  • I'd go for Sam. He sounds more fun =) But that's just my opinion, Maybe he's shy and doesn't like public places? Try inviting him out to the beach or a club or somehting and see how it goes.

    Best of luck x