How to ask her to prom?

Theres this girl I've had a crush on that I want to ask to prom. She's told almost everyone she wants to go with me the problem is I don't see here that much only once outside going to her car where she stares at me . You think if I leave a big sign saying will you go to prom with me out where she sees it when she goes out side will work. Then I appear and ask her.


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  • Well this question's cropped up a little early in the season, lol.

    Guys love the big public sign thing. Did you watch "Prom"? Try to avoid the cliche. Just go up to the girl and ask her. Take a flower or something you know she'll like -- a Romantic bribe. ;-)

    Have fun dancing the night away, you two.

    • No I haven't seen that movie usually if there's no shooting or comedy I don't watch it . Thanks for the heads up I guess the direct approach will do it .

    • It's also more memorable when it's your private moment together. ;-)

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  • If you know which one of the cars is hers, make a cardboard puzzle asking her out on it [don't forget to put your name there]. Keep it simple enough so she can figure it out quick, like 4 pieces, and hang them each with a string then hang them on her side mirror. Then you can show up and see what she says.

    If it's actually her mom picking her up with the car, it's probably better to stick to the sign :P

    Good luck either way!

  • Yes ..say that sign was for you.and ask her out.she will be pleased

  • Keep it simple. It's the small gestures that knocks the air out of us women, believe me. Ask her directly but when you are asking her make sure it appears that she is the only one you can see and want to be with for this prom. Nothing gets a girl gushing faster than that with her girlfriends later. Be ready for the nice kiss she will plant one on you after this thing. :D

    Good luck!

    • Thanks for the adivce

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