If a girl responds to your text and teases back, is that good?

We had a pretty good texting back and forth. There were only a few texts, but they were spread over several hours because I was busy, even though she pretty much responded to me right away when I did text. We basically were teasing each other, and she was the last one to text. Is this a good sign or does it mean nothing?


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  • It could be a sign of interest or it could mean nothing. It really depends on her personality and how she usually acts. For example, sometimes I text back to guy friends teasingly and sometimes I don't but almost always it doesn't mean anything other than I was bored, they happened to text me and I felt like responding.

    • do you think sending a text is a good way for a guy to keep himself on your mind during stretches where you don't see each other?

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    • okay, so a better question is...can a text conversation make you more interested in a guy?

    • Personally no. But every girl is different - doesn't hurt to give it a try :) good luck

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