I told my GIRLFRIEND I was gay?

i know this question will get deleted but I have to state my opinion and ask for others. I have a right to my opinion regardless of how others will think. If I were a chick and my boyfriend came out to me and said he was gay, I would pissed off. I would have to remove myself before I got violent. you don't just turn gay, so you knew it when you started dating me. Why would you choose to play with a woman's emotions and lead her on knowing you are NOT romantically interested? that would really disgust me and piss me off. If you know you are gay , don't date women!

How would other ladies feel?


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  • Some people use it has a cover up, because they aren't ready to come out to others in fear of what they will think and how society will percieve them. Also, people may cover up because at first they are indenial of their feelings toward the same sex and think of their view as a phase that will eventually pass. Learning that this isn't a phase and that this is something that will never go away they learn to become OK with who they are and accept it.

    I don't think anyone does this, directly to hurt someones feelings but more so to protect their own (even though that may still be wrong). Although it may hurt if someone did this to me, I would try to stand on their side of the fence to understand why they did this. Being gay is still not accepted in todays society and coming out is a very hard process. If I really did care for this person I would try to be supportive of what they are going through (blowing up at them will not resolve anything) and let them know it is OK to be themselves.

    I will be truthful and saywhen told thi, I would need time to gather my thoughts but my end resolution would be to try to understand. I would also let them know that what they did isn't OK and from this point on they need to stop caring how other people will view them and know that in this situation their feelings are all that matters.

    • This ^...unless of course he was already my husband, and we'd been married for years and already had a family...which actually happens to some women. Then, I would probably be really pissed that I had invested so much of my life in someone who was never attracted to me in the first place.

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    • girl, he would need to tell me on the phone...in person it would not be pretty. I'd be mad as hell. I can't even imagine if I had kids...would be 100 times worse.

    • furthermore, if you don't know what you are..stay single...no one wants your drama and sexual confusion issues to deal with.

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  • bi?

    maybe he wasn't sure, maybe he thought it was a 'phase'

    and it would go away

    maybe he knew the stigma of being gay and didn't want it

    I doubt most couples know from the start that they are 'the one' so they see how it goes

    I don't think he intentionally got with you just to tell you he was gay later

  • bwahaha you turned him gay

  • I will not accept gay, but also not discrimination

  • Some people don't "know" they are gay. They are in deep deep denial about it.

    Or they figure that if they pray to Jeebus enough, the gay will go away and they'll start liking women.


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  • I would be hurt, but I wouldn't feel "pissed off." sexuality is complicated. maybe he was hiding it, or trying to "fight it." Again, I would be really hurt and very sad, but I wouldn't be angry.

  • I would be pissed. I would prefer he tell me that he's gay before. If you need someone to be your beard, I'm your girl (for a fee haha) but don't lie and lead me on. I'd tell everybody his business too

  • i would feel decieved and pissed too. that's nasty and there is NO way I want to think about being with a guy whos either had it up the butt to giving it up the butt.

  • maybe he was bi

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