Voice mail or call back later? Kiss or no kiss?

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Here's the situation: a guy approaches a girl and starts a conversation. They talk for a couple minutes and as one of them has to leave the guy asks for the girls number. She doesn't hesitate to give it out. They didn't know each other before the guy approached.

I'm going to call the girl two days after getting the number. So when I call, if there is no answer should I leave a voice mail asking her to call me back or should I just call back later? Then let's say we go on a date, what is your opinion on a kiss after the first date...yes or no?

  • Voicemail and kiss
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  • Call back later and kiss
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  • Voicemail and no kiss
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  • Call back later and no kiss
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  • Oh the combo I wanted wasn't there lol - I vote for Call back later and 'it depends'

    Kiss if you feel like she wants it, you want it, and the mood is right. Don't kiss if you don't want it, she doesn't seem to want it and/or the mood isnt' right.

    Do call back though,

    • How much later should I call back? Later that same day, the next day, a few days, ect...

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    • Nah I mean like if I call her and she doesn't answer, when do you think I should call back?

    • i think so yes. I see the answer above me says no but it depends if she has caller ID lol. Either way I think you will feel more certain if you call back. If she ignores you the second time around, then give up. good luck

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  • For me, I wouldn't want him to call me 2x after I didn't answer. I would c his miss call and call back as soon as I get the chance. I really like when guys I just met take it slow and don't bombaed me with calls. Just give me the opportunity 2 call back & I wlll...1st date & we didn't know each other @ all? No kiss. I don't even have to explain this one. Lol


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