Girls how should I handle this?

I've been talking to this girl for about 4 weeks now. The first two weeks we hung out at a night club with other friends. The last two weeks we actually went out on date on the Saturday of the week. I felt like both of these dates went really well so I sent her a Valentine's day gift just a box of chocolate covered strawberries and some candies nothing too crazy. She called me around 8:30pm on Valentine's day and thanked me for the gift and said I made her day. I asked her what she was doing this weekend and she said maybe her mom was coming to visit her but she would let me know if she could do something. I told I might be going somewhere on Saturday but if she wanted to do something at any point this weekend to let me know. I then chatted her friend on Facebook and thanked her for introducing me to her. Her friend said no prob and that she knew we would get along. Her friend said she knows the girl likes hanging out with me but I should take it slow with her. I then asked her if she thought I was moving to fast with her friend and she said No, no no not at all! exact quote. OK ladies please let me know what you think is going on here. Thanks for your responses.


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  • Her friend knows the girl better, and somehow she's giving you hints so that you both don't spoil anything. Dating is not a easy time, everything looks amazing in starting but one should be careful for the negative to happen, which I am not pointing to scare you :)

    Her friend told you not to rush into things to fast, why would she suddenly say that, she's just helping you out to figure out the girl your dating. You asked the girl to meet you this weekend, and she said that maybe she'll be with her mom, and you told her clearly that your available for her(even if you said that you may do something else,), you gotta show her that you have your own things aswell, dun let her know that your just waiting for her, for some girls it's really sweet to know but some girls does'nt get attracted to that! Take it easy! Let it go with the flow

    Best of Luck :)

    • Ok she texted me about an hour ago telling me her mom might be going to see her on fri and her mom and brother will be there during the day on sat. She wanted to know if I was still doing my plans on Saturday. I texted her back that we were planning on going somewhere on sat but those plans are still up in the air. I then texted her , why what's up? . She hasn't texted me back yet. Am I making myself to available by asking her that question?

    • yeaah. .u are making yourself too available, I can't understand why the girl is so confusing, she should be happy that your available for her!. did you texted her back again after that? if not, then don't do it. it's better that you should wait for her to text u.

    • I did text her again like 5 hours later saying why what's up? again and she responded back oh nothing I just wanted to see what your plans were for this weekend but it seems like we're both busy?. She put a question mark. I then responded What are your plans for Sunday. She said no plans. I then maybe I can come see you on Sunday? She sent back an OK :) I then told her OK talk to you soon and left it at that. What do you think?

  • Maybe what her friend meant was, if the relationship goes any further don't go to fast. that's really all I could think it could mean, I didn't help much but hopefully all goes well!


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