Would you ever date the best friend?

i know it happens all the time in movies and stuff, but in real life. I'm at college and there's a really close group of like 6/7 of us, we always go out to eat and hang out with each other watching movies or something. well one night I hung out with one of the guys and we kissed. I'm the only girl in the group...and no one else knows about this except me and him. he keeps wanting to kiss me, like he acts like he likes me, but we've known each other for awhile and we've been kissing like this for a week and a half. I feel like he should either ask me out or stop kissing me. what does everyone think? should we date or just be friends?


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  • My best friend is a girl. I'm fine being just friends with her, I have no "extra" feelings for her, she's an amazing person and very pretty.

    But if she liked me, and I was single, hell YEAH I would date her. o.o I don't know why I feel like this. I don't know why I don't have a desire of wanting to be more than friends with her. Maybe it's because I know she already has a boyfriend. :o


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  • Yes, I think it is better to be both, friends and lovers!


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