Do you try to predict what the "right" thing to say is?

I'm a shy guy and I don't hit on a lot of girls, but when I do I never try to "predict" what I should say based on what I think she wants to hear. I have noticed a lot of guys try to do exactly that... Do you ever sit there analyzing what your going to say and tailor it for another person in order to (hopefully) make a better impression?


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  • Unfortunately I am a calculating girl, so I always think about the goods and bads of what I do, and to tell you the truth, if you really want someone to want to talk to you, you have to show them you have something they want to hear... It's good that you don't think it over, because it shows who you are, and you are probably going to end up attracting people who like you for who you are. :)

    • so in your experience, do you find that it works?

    • Yep it works til a certain extent... Because when you predict what you say, you are putting an image of you that is not who you are... So it gets hard to maintain, because you will have to live predicting everything and overthinking things.

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  • Don't tailor to a specific type. It's hard to tell, first of all.

    Second, a girl will want to know you're being sincere.

    Third, if you want to meet the right girl... Be yourself. We will notice and appreciate it.

    • Well I don't think you read what I said.. I say I don't do that but a lot of people worry about what to say.

    • Hahaha, sorry, I didn't mean that specifically to you. That's my general opinion...

    • oh I see, no problem :)

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  • Nope. I don't even think about it at all. I just be myself and let out whatever comes out and see where it goes. I do listen to what they are saying and react accordingly, but I'm not trying to say what she want's to here and I'm not thinking about what to say to her. What you are saying sounds like too much work. You're bound to fumble and screw up your words if you try that hard and it's definitely going to come off as fake.

    • and I have a hard time believing your being honest since you couldn't even read what I said.

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    • yes you moron, I asked if the people reading do that, and then I said clearly that I DONT. Learn to read idiot

    • And again you fail to realize that I am one of those people reading. That questions was directed to me and the rest of the audience on GaG. I answered the question. I can see you're quite skilled in conversation. You know how to call names and use capital letters. How impressive. I bet you are quite good with the ladies. I'm sure they love your anger and aggression. Grow up kid.