If the girl you liked said this?

You're having a great time chatting and she says "I'm not trying to get onto you" but you like her, would you reply telling her you wished she was or would you be caught of guard, just say "ok whatever." I said that to a guy the other night and he just said "I'll take note of that." but he's shows signed of liking me. How would you reply?

*caught off guard*


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  • I like his response. I might have shortened it to a simple "noted." Not sure what else you'd be looking for.

    • Ha, yeh, it was pretty counter productive on my part because I am totally trying to get onto him and I said that to test him to see if he'd say something like "that's a shame" but I can see how that would sound lame.

    • I really doubt that him saying anything about being disappointed would help his cause with you! LOL!

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  • I'd probably say something that was a healthy combination of cute and smartass.

  • i would reply in a similar way. even if I liked ya.

    • So you wouldn't take it as an opportunity to say you like her?

    • i've found some girls to find saying junk in that situation unbecoming... even if most dont, its safer to just reply like he did and wait for a more "clean" opportunitty.

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