Broke up, got back together, now he doesn't love me? ADVICE

We broke up in October because he didn't want a relationship. We got back together in December, him promising that wasn't going to happen again.

Well Valentine's day my boyfriend had work and didn't bother making plans with me, so I went to a movie with my guy friend who was ditched by his girlfriend an had an extra ticket. So I went, and didn't tell my boyfriend until the next day. He flipped out.

We agreed to talk in person the next day, and when I went over to his apartment it went bad. He said he was only pissed at me that I went out with another guy, not "hurt" or "jealous" and he had a talk with his stepmom saying that I wasn't the girl he wanted to be with in the long run. So he broke up with me. He asked if he loved me, and I reluctantly said yes, and he said he doesn't love me, although he does care for me, a lot.

I'm so hurt right now. I want things back to where they were. I want him to love me.


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  • He was just saying those things to upset you because he was hurt. Give him some space, he might realize breaking up was an overreaction and come around

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