Should I distance myself?

A friend of a friend showed a brief stint of interest in dating me, but we decided that we would continue with a friendship. A while later he told me that he felt like he had wronged me in some way, and when I asked him why he thought that, he said that when we had sort of been seeing each other he wasn't over his ex. That was totally fine. The problem was that on a drunken night we made out. To which we decided we would just continue our friendship. Again, also totally fine. But, on two separate occasions since then, when I needed a place to stay, I slept over at his place and we cuddled. Should I take this to mean anything, or just friendly times? Thanks for reading.


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  • i would say your leading him on... staying at his place is cool and all, but don't cuddle with him

    • What? We're cuddling each other, if anything, he would be the one leading me on since he told me that he couldn't date anyone right now.

    • sorry been reading a lot of these tonight, they are starting to mix together in my mind haha. him wanting to cuddle with you shows signs that he is starting to move on from his x and seeing himself with another person.

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