After this comment is it game over?

I really like this guy and he seems to like me too. But I get shy around him and will completely ignore him some times and send mixed messages. He loves to get me on my own when we go out in a group and have long conversations. We're currently sorta friends. The other night we were out and another guy gave me his number and I shook hands on calling him. when we were alone together later he said "you can break a shake" and "or call him to say you don't need this number." he'll also put down other guys we know that I bring up, saying theyre disgusting or mocking them.

I don't know if it's a sign that he's feeling threatened because he likes me

but later on in the conversation I said I don't like being single and he said "you'll get someone." does a guy say "someone" to a girl he likes? I feel like that was his way of saying "it won't be me" but considering how he responded about the other guy giving me his number, I feel like he feels something for me. Thoughts?


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  • WHY would you accept a number from a guy when you are with a guy you like?!?! I'm sorry but that is HORRIBLE! now he feels mixed signals from you too! As a guy that is around a girl that I think I have little chance of dating I will say things like "you will find the right guy" however I also bash most of the guys she hangs out with (they aren't horrible guys but they aren't good guys either)

    My guess is that he likes you but you have to make it clear you like him. Stop playing these games back and forth. I don't care how you do it and he probably won't either - you could call him sometimes at night and just say "instead of calling that guy I decided id rather talk to you..." and from there procede to get yourself a date.


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  • he likes you alot, but he doesn't think you are that into him and so is confused. He has jealousy issues, despite the fact you are not 'his". I suggest you decide to be with him or not because men are extremely cautious with women these days because women are like a minefield - one mis-step and BOOM there goes your leg. Indecision by a woman is easily the least sexy thing on the planet. IF you "want a man" and he is right there, what's the problem? Do you like his looks/body etc? Nothing is as difficult as humans make it - NOTHING. Figure it out, the ball is pretty clearly in your court.

  • Its hard to say really. That looks like something I'd say because I'm a coward around women. Id be worried about ruining a freindship with someone I like if I asked them out. On the other hand I've also said that kind of thing around women I'm not interested in in hopes of just dropping the subject and moving on.

    Deffinetly not game over - he seems to care for you in some capacity with his remarks. Try to put an end to the mixed signals.


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