How do I not come off as annoying to a guy that I really like?

I have met up with someone that I have not seen in 15 years and I am trying so hard not to be too attached. I actually am just getting out of a relationship and I don't want to get myself so attached that I lose him as a friend. I want something so natural with him, not forced. But I'm head over heels already. He says he doesn't want anything serious right now too, but does that mean he might eventually? I need to focus on myself fr right now. But what my main question is, is How do I not seem too needy?


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  • Try to steer the conversations to

    1. his life

    2. your passions BUT NOT your personal life yet

    • Well we've pretty much talked about a lot of personal things the second time we hung out. We have pretty similar lives, it's crazy. I've seen him about all in all like 4/5 times since we've met up, but talking to him since he says almost a year on fb and text. How can I tell if it's going well in his eyes or if he's thinking about things possibly progressing at some point. I know he's not looking for a girlfriend at the moment, but I def feel that things are getting stronger between us...

    • He will want something serious eventually.

      If he continues to talk & "date", then things are going well in his eyes.

      You will seem needy if you keep a tight rfein on him or go to pieces if he has to cancel an event or try to control him when he strays from time-time.

      You need TIME to heal and he needs TIME to grow into the mood of something permanent.

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  • just stop being so annoying

    • What's considered to be annoying?

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