Is it better to have someone lined up before dumping someone else?

That's the question. Is it better to have someoen lined up before dumping someone else?

Say you are dating someone and it's not going too hot. Would you just dump them and

1. Feel lonely

2. Feel like you'll never find someone better

3. Feel like you made a huge mistake

4. Feel like you're such a loser for dating him in the first place etc

OR have someone already lined up and then feel

1. Less lonely, you move from one person to the next (maybe cheating involved or maybe not)

2. Feel like you already HAVE found someone better, no problems

3. Feel likeyou made a HUGE difference for the better

4. Feel like you're such a GREAT person to have someone new who loves you so much more than your other person loved you.

Personally I'm in a boat where I"d like to already have someone waiting for me before I dump the guy I'm with. Unfortunately I'm in a tight spot where that's hard to do.

What's your opinion on this?


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  • If being single makes you feel lonely, like you'll never do better, like you've made a mistake, like you're a loser for dating him then by all means, avoid that by finding someone else and then dumping him.

    But haven't you heard of the saying 'better alone than in bad company'?

    • I"m basically alone. He never wants to do anything with me. He works 5am-7pm and then when he gets home it's either talk to his co-workers or go online video games. Right now we have a 3 day break and I"m in the bedroom on my laptop while he's in the living room on his games. We barely talk, it's like better alone with NO company.

    • So then it wouldn't really make a difference if you broke up with him, wouldn't it?

    • it would make a difference, all my family and friends would know about it and look at me like I'm a loser who doesn't have anyone in my life and that I made a huge mistake. I'd look like a disgrace and it'd be really shameful to be alone. that's what I think.

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  • if you actually want a relationship then this is probably one of the worst ideas you can act out

    • I know a ton of girls who have already have someone lined up before theyd dump their guy. My guy's ex left him for the guy she cheated on him with, my sister was having an affair with a guy while married before she divorced her husband, my friend tina always has a guy lined up before she leaves one guy to the next.

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    • no its not a relationships its a shell of one tough

    • true love overcomes all. If it was meant to be then they'd do this.

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  • I think it's pretty unhealthy. You gotta start finding those feelings of love in yourself. I don't get this cyclical pursuit of validation girls go through all the time. Can't you stand being alone with yourself for two minutes?