Online dating proflie tests...?

I made a profile just to see who I would get paired up with and my results placed me out of the majority of the people on the site. Also it listed most of the people not having the same views as me and that they would be my enemy... It was entertainning.

Are online dating test a good incicator for real life?


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  • You have to consider that these sites want you to stay with them so they'll do anything to keep you. If you joined and only one match came up, would you still stick around or would you look for another site which could potentially pair you with more people? I know I'd go in search of another site. They've listed all those random people to make you feel like there's a lot of opportunity on their site when there may not be.

    Also, they say opposites attract, so it may say you don't match with someone when actually, you could possibly get along really well with them, so you shouldn't rely so much on an inaccurate website. You can never know how well you'll get along with someone, opposite to you or not. So I wouldn't say those tests are a good indicator for real life.

    • I don't see how opposites attract. I never got along fully with anyone

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