The one I like fade out, the ones I want to fade out stay in touch, what am I doing wrong?

ok so...I've been dating few guys lately... all of them started the same: really interested on getting to know me, txting me very often and asking me out... now that I kind of decided which one I like better he started kind of "fading out"... and the ones I am not that interested on keep on txting me and asking me out even after I've been making my self "busy" for them... What am I doing wrong? lol... also, is there any way I can get back the guy I liked better? I haven't texted him at all and was hoping he would text me 1st (I did this just to avoid looking "needy" or annoying him) but it's been almost 3 days and I haven't heard from him at all :/... help!


one more thing... how do I get rid of the most annoying one! hahaha I try to be nice and say no every time he ask me out or I just don't text him back at all, and he won't stop txting me! eeeeeeerrr lol


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  • You are not doing anything wrong, this is just how the odds work in dating. Most people we date will not be the one. A few people we date will be desirable but then we may simply not be the one for them.

    So, no, there is nothing you can do to get the guy you like to show more interest. You are doing what you should. Any guy who was interested and had already been on a date with you would be calling. He may still call, you never know.

    The ones you are not interested in, be honest with them. Tell them you enjoyed meeting them but you do not feel this is a good match and wish them luck in their dating pursuits. I know it may sound corny, but man, I perfected that response when dating and it always provided a quick and pleasant end to further conversations. As far as Mr. Can't Catch a Clue, tell him the same. If he still calls you, the only thing you CAN do is ignore his calls and texts. I still have an e-stalker who texts me out of the blue every 6 months or so. He was a grade A creeper, trying to send pics of his junk to me. He makes my skin crawl, but he sends texts in a way that I cannot block them, so I just delete them.

    Good luck!

    • hahahah, thanks sooooooooo much! :)

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  • Tell the ones you don't like that you don't think you are a match. I like it when people are honest with me.