First kiss with someone you really like?

This may sound pretty stupid but I want my first kiss with this guy I like to be special... I know he likes me, and I like him so I think we'll probably kiss when we next see each other in a near by club. But how do I make it memorable? How do I make sure he likes me? I want to maybe start a relationship with this guy so how do I go about making sure this kiss isn't just a one time thing? Like what can I do? Where should I have my hands? How can I flirt with him? Do guys like it when they can feel the girl smiling while kissing? Any other things guys like? Should I be more passionate about it and for example suck/gently bite his lower lip or should will that give him the wrong idea so keep it cute and sweet? Please help! I realize I'm totally over analysing this but I really like him... And it's not like this is my first ever kiss, nor am I a virgin but I just want to make a good impression. Thanks


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  • Try not to "do" anything to *make* it memorable...the more natural it comes the better. Let nature build up the tension a bit at first by flirting. Smile as warmly as you can before you even touch. Tease - here a possibility: don't use your hands, use your fingertips on his lip, neckline, neck, hair, the rest of his body, until he's using his hands himself. If you want to make it that more memorable for him, make sure he breaks first :-)

    For the kissing itself, variation is key at least in the beginning, but never force, closed and open lips, moan, nibble, bite (depends on the guy I think though), until you'd end up french-kissing.

    It's the build-up that counts, so take it natural, slow, and make him break..I'm sure you'll make him feel you want him enough for him to lose control himself :-)

    And you're indeed over-analyzing..all thinking stops really when you kiss..then nothing else matters anyhow..


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  • Well, I can't really answer all of those questions of yours but I'll tell you that your first kiss with this guy will be positively memorable only if it happens when the time is right. I don't think YOU have to make it memorable. Once the moment feels right, the opportunity will rise by itself and the only thing you'll have to do is seize it. I wouldn't worry about "making it" romantic or flirty. If you two feel good together, if there is chemistry there and if you've let the anticipation rise a little bit beforehand, everything should be wonderful. Just make sure that you don't rush into it. Besides, as far as technique goes, I don't think you have to bother about that. I think it's more about the moment than the skills, at that point, so no need to worry there. Good luck and I hope everything works out fine for you!