Should I stop talking to this guy?

There's this guy in my class that has a crush on me. First day of class he added me on fb and asked for my number, and I gave it to him. We've texting each other since then. I can tell he really likes me and wants me to reciprocate his feelings in some way (although it has not been directly stated, it's clear he's hoping for something).

I enjoy talking to him, but I don't really feel that way about him (it's not impossible, but I've never been in a relationship, also I have a guy I like who has a girl he likes so yeah...). Should I stop talking to him? I feel like I'm giving him false hope or something when I go out of my way to text him (especially since this is something I rarely if ever do).

I also feel like a bitch for not talking to him on the phone, he asks if he can call me, but I always say no or have some sort of excuse.


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  • DONT lead him on.

    Dont be mean either. If he eventually comes to asking you out, be blunt, say no, and that you're not interested at the moment. Becuase you said its not impossible to feel that way about him.