How many calls a week is too much ?

we are just friends but I like to talk to her a lot but I don't want to come off as obsessive how much calls a week is too many ?

Thanks for the answers :)
we see each other once every 2 months
ok I lack social interactions and I always need someone to talk to


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  • It depends how she feels about the calls. if she enjoys talking to you, call her when you have something to say. I think it's better to stick to that, because if you call her with nothing to say, it comes off as obsessive.


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  • I'd say that if you aren't sure, then do this simple text. Are you calling just because you want to hear her voice? Are you calling "just to talk?" Are you calling her because you're bored? If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, it's probably not a good idea. Call when you have something to tell her, or ask her. If you've made it quite a long time, (a couple weeks maybe) without calling, then it's okay to call just to talk and catch up. (assuming you didn't just see her that same day, anyway.)

    • i live one hour away so I don't get to see her much

    • since we don't see each other that much I like to see how she is and what she does :)

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  • Yeah I'd say 6 should be the maximum, call her 4 times in a week, that's pretty normal.

  • if your just friends just call 3 or 4 times a week.


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