I'm undecided on prom...

Its my senior prom and I would like to take a date to prom, but the girl I would like to take denied me earlier this year when I asked her to homecoming (well technically I never got a response for homecoming but I took it as a no) anyways would it be a good idea to ask her again? I know she is going but I think she's going with her friends, could I still ask her?


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  • I don't know if you should ask her , it depends but honestly prom is the best when you go with a good friend , there's no awkwardness just fun. I would say you should take one of your closest girlfriends and have a fun night , you can even ask that other girl to dance during prom the date is not the biggest part of prom believe it or not because 99.9 % of the time no one is actually with their date the whole time but good luck!


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  • I hated high school and never went to prom.

    I would of ditched graduation if it wasn't for my parents, would never go back.