I need a guys help please.. I want things to work out, what should I do?

This guy and I had a thing but we never hung out. Long story short I got fed up Because he wasn't making any moves so I just all around stopped texting him(he wouldn't text me first even tho he would tell me to text him) and talking to him. Now he's paying a lot more attention to me like staring at me and making little side comments. I really want things to work out between us and know I should have done this from the start, but should I text him(even tho we've barely talked in a while) and ask him what's up? Because I really wanna date him. What should I say? Thank you so much! Really, I appreciate it.


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  • I think that maybe you should start over with this guy. So yes you should send a text to him saying that you like him and you want to start over and possibly go out on a date. Give him a week to reply. If he replies back and says yes then go full speed ahead. If he says no or doesn't even reply back to you then leave him be. Just move on to someone else. Time is really precious and you never know who you can meet in that time. I hope my advice can help you out somehow and best of luck with your romantic endeavors or any endeavors for that matter! God Bless!


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