What do you do with a girl you like?

I never got to experience interacting with girls socially and on dates - so I don't know what you're supposed to do when she's around.

You talk to her, smile at her blah blah - but what do you DO with her? If you like her how do you progress things? How do you get her? What are they expecting? Stuff like that.


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  • Be cool with her, and make her laugh. If she's walking in front of you, you can touch the small of her back, that is awesome! Subtly is a great turn on. You can even touch her hair, then pull back a bit. Anticipation is awesome, but don't get too grabby too fast.

    Women like to be touched in the secondary zones a lot first.

    • What do you have to talk to her about. I talk to girls, but what I say to them clearly doesn't light their fire - it just makes me their friend.

    • You've gotta make them laugh with confidence, and women loved to be shocked and teased, at least in a funny way. You could say something like Your purse is huge! what are you carrying around a dumptruck? You can also snag lines from funny movies! If they've seen the movie, they'll get it and if they haven't seen it they'll still think it's funny. Then you can tease them for not seeing such a funny cool movie. Teasing is great, it will get their heart pumping and make them laugh. funny to normal

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