What is the story behind your first kiss?

When was your first kiss? Where? and a little story would be nice :)

When I mean first kiss, I mean first kiss EVER (not counting when you were 5 lol) like seriously liked the person (or not, if t was just a hookup, you know what I mean!)


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  • My first kiss was when I was 15 ( yup kind of a late bloomer ) and it was with a boy that I liked from my swimming team..I was very shy at that time because I was like the only one that hadn't had her first kiss yet.Of course he didn't know that and he was flirting with me all times.Then one day he kissed me on the cheeck and I blush and kind of ran away.But the next day I talked about it with my friends and they were like 'kiss him back and see what happens'.So as he made a move on the stairs of the gym and kissed my cheeck again I turned and kissed his..and after like 0,001 sec he kissed me on the lips and he even used his tongue.It was a long and deep kiss and I remember feeling the taste of his tongue for the next 2 days... :) The only problem was that I really didn't know how to tongue kiss before and he went for it right away..but I guess I did good since we kissed many times after that

    • lol late bloomer! I am 17 and I havn't had my first kiss...

    • Well in my country and my generation all the girls and guys have sex in first grade of junior high...so I guess I was a late bloomer :P but there's nothing wrong with that..one of my friends is 19 and still hasn't kissed anyone

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  • in the hallway at my high school on my 15th birthday.

  • i was in the apartment building with my friend and asked if he wanted to play a game he responded sure and I said close your eyes and I kissed him on the lips then asked if he wanted to climb a tree or play hide and seek.


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