What is that supposed to mean? We're kissing, but not together...

Here's the thing...there was a guy that really liked me.. but I turned him down a couple of times because I was in a relationship :////

when I broke up, after a few months I realized that I started falling in love with him... we are classmates and we spend many hours together each day,every time I see him I am falling more for him... So,that's why I decided to show him that I like him...two weeks ago... while I was in the school library studying...he just came in and kissed me..out of the blue... the next day I he kissed me again..and of course I kissed him back :D

ever since we've been kissing every time we see each other... when we are in class he keeps sending me text messages writing '' <3 :* ''

i am really happy he does all these things :') ...

BUT ... what does that suppose to mean? I mean we are kissing, but we are not together... he comes and hugs me and wants to sit next to me but at the same times some random girls post love songs on his wall in fb and he likes them sometimes.. I really have no clue what all these mean... any idea?


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  • I think he lieks you and he should ask you out if he is kissing you in the mouth. You both text and spend hours together. Why not make it official. Maybe he might be scared or shy to ask you out. and if girls is fliritng with him on fbf then maybe it can just be flirting. I think he does like you. You both should date each other and go out.

  • i think you should talk to him about it, ask him what exactly this is and see if you can make it official with him, good luck

    • i would ask him what does that suppose to mean days ago..but I am kinda afraid... that he'll freak out for some reason,and won't kiss me again... :/

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    • i no :) lol

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