HELP!! Would it be comming on to strong if I texted him from his number on Facebook?

Ok so I never am the one to make the first move I usually have guys coming onto me first then I make the second move . I know he likes me Because his step mom and his dad both say so . And he blushes and all when I'm around which is not normal for him. SO a few days ago I friend requested him and it took him a few days Because he's not that into Facebook. And I noticed his number is on their . I want to text him but I don't know what to say. and would that be coming on too strong. I'm not sure how to make a first move without ya know coming on to strong. I really like this guy and want to put myself out their Because he's been hurt and I know he won't make a first move. So would texting him from his number on fbbe coming on too strong?


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  • Thats not coming on too strong, that's coming on too crazy/stalkerish

    Don't put off that vibe, just ask him for it or give him yours.There's tons of reasons to give out a number, do yall have a class together that you would want help "studying" for? Or just ask him out for coffee or lunch or something and be like oh here's my # if you wanna text me when you get there.

    You don't gotta be weird about it haha

    • nah he's older than my by like 10 years so yea no clases together I usually see him when I go over to his parents store

    • Bummer, well at any rate, don't steal his number, ask for it or give him yours. Even if you are straight up blunt about it, still better than stealing it, even if he willingly put it out there on the internet for the world to steal

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  • If I were you, I'd do something like talk to him in person or leave a message on his Facebook instead. I don't know about other people (and granted, I do not share my number on Facebook), but generally, unless I've explicitly given an individual my number and made it clear that it's okay to call or text me, I think it's weird for them to call or text me.

    • I agree with the above comment, I would just leave him a message on FB. It could seem a little desperate by texting him when he has not given you his number. But a message on FB to ask him for his number would be fine.