Is it time to move on? Or should I call? (Please help!)

Okay, so long story short.. I've known this girl for over a year and we recently started dating. The last date I took her on was for Valentine's day and everything seemed to go fine, but when I went to text her the other day, I got no response back, which she never does. Then later that night, I end up seeing her in the club and we were both pretty gone, but I was worse off because I didn't even recognize her at first, but she gave me a hug then gave me a push away. Intoxicated or not, I recognized that immediately and when I tried to ask her if she would talk to me.. I don't know if she said anything, but she just gave me this weird look and didn't say a word. So I walked away irritated. Now, I'm not sure if she's playing games or not, but I could use some help on this one. I feel like calling her to ask what happened.


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  • Call her once if she don't answer leave her a message about how you feel and if she doesn't do anything f*** her find another girl who doesn't act dumb.