How do you flirt through text?

Im a teenager.. I've been texting this guy for about 2 weeks and I think he's really cute. Yesterday during class he told me to get out of class so we could go walk around the school and we did. I was comfortable talking to him while we walked, it wasn't weird at all. He lets me wear his jacket and if I leave without hugging him he goes looking for me, but how do I flirt with him through text and in person?


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  • You can flirt by saying fun things like hey cutie, or hey hot stuff, etc Be creative and put a voice to it. I think in person you can flirt in different ways. You do it already when you hug him. He flirts by letting you wear his jacket. You can also maybe say flirty things in person like you would say in texts. Also you can flirt with your body language by looking at his eyes more or smiling or being touchy feely in a flirty way.


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