Boyfriend? Ex-boyfriend? Or no one at all?

I would try talking to my friends about this, but they won't understand.. But anyway,

there's this guy that I've recently started dating (We've been together for two months) and he's the guy that any girl could ask for. Sweet, loving, caring, honest and he has a fun, spontaneous personality. But three months before him and I had started dating, my ex and I (of 2 and a half years) had just broken up. Our relationship was very rocky, we have trust issues (due to the fact that he was a flirt and our relationship was long distance, and I caught him many times flirting with other people) but he was always there for me, he always had me laughing, he's caring and romantic when he wants to be and we'd talk on the phone for hours until one of us would pass out asleep. During that three month period of being broken up, he was dating some girl at his school but told me he still wanted to be with me. (He's done this numerous of times.. At least 4 or 5) and he broke up with her the second month, because I told him I was done waiting around for him. That third month I was waiting for him to ask me back out like he usually does, but he never did. And at that point, I was just fed up..

My current boyfriend had liked me for a long time, but I never felt anything back.. Until we hung out one day. We had so much fun together. And Before we knew it, we were dating. My ex was heartbroken, but I told him I wanted to see what is was like to date someone I can see almost every day for once. And everything was going great, until I got grounded. Now I can barely see him.. And my ex has got me thinking again.. I don't know if it's because I can't see my boyfriend or if it's just because I really still want to be with my ex.. I still love him.. ( I've tried getting rid of these feelings but they keep coming back) But I also love my current boyfriend.. My ex just told me that he thought that our love was stronger than that and that our relationship was different.. And it is.. But.. I don't know, I'm just really confused right now.. I don't want to deal with the distance again.. But.. Me dating my boyfriend seems as if it's made my ex change into a better person than what he was before.. But then again, I don't want to break my boyfriends heart.. (He's had that happen to him in almost all of his relationships..) What should I do..? Or should I just break up with my boyfriend so I can think things through clearly..? Or should I just ignore my ex and try to forget about him..?


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  • The first guy is too good for you if you're even considering your ex. He's your ex for a reason and the other guy sounds perfect, appreciate him, imagine going off with your ex and this new guy finding a girl who actually appreciates him, how would you feel? When you and your ex break up again and that guy is in a serious relationship with another girl and your alone, how would you feel then? You need to think about these things.