I tend to read too much into things so will someone else telling me if he's interested?

So there's this guy from about seventh grade that I've recently begun seeing around more. Today I saw him at the mall and I was with one of my friends, while he was with two of his one of which I know. I kinda turned to the side and saw him, and when he was about ten feet away he stretched his hands outward for a hug. When he let go I jokingly held onto him and said)"I'm not letting go yet" and he laughed and said "ok" and put his arms up to hug me again but id pulled back before id really registered that though. His mutual friend then said something to me, and after I answered he chimed in to say he too had just found out the same thing yesterday. He then proceeded to, without turning away from me and standing kinda sideways to include me in his view pointed and told his other friend that I was this awesome girl from seventh grade and I said "implying that I'm not now" to which he said "well I don't really know you now". I told him I was surprised that he even remembered me Because I was just the quite girl in the back, and he made this really cute face and put his hands sideways on his mouth and it sorta sounded like he said something about seeing me and wanting to know me but I coudnt be sure. After we surrendered our chocolate to them they left and after a couple steps he turned smiled and waved. Five minuets later we passed by them and he called "hey its been a while" and I called back "Where have you been". After that we didn't see them again and now I'm left wondering if I should approach him again on Tuesday with hopes of something more or am I just reading in to deep? Thanks in advance!


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  • Well first off is this guy older than you or younger? I'm hoping the answer is younger.. If so I think that maybe you could see if he was interested in the whole boyfriend/girlfriend thing. It won't be a real relationship though, I mean he's only 12 or 13. So keep that in mind and don't anything drastic.. Like I said: he's only 12 or 13

    • Loos where do you get 12 or 13 from he's about 16 if I remember right xD so about the same age...why do you hope its younger? O.o

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    • Oh no you maybe I waesnt clear we met for the first time in seventh grade were now in eleventh hays sorry

    • Haha, okay :))

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