Girls, how do you know if us guys are "smothering" you ?

Well by smothering I mean giving you way too much attention and not giving you your space and being a bit pushy . I think I'm guilty of this "offense" with one girl at my college . She was initially interested , but after that I got a bit too pushy and she has backed off a bit now .

My question is how do I know if I'm smothering her ? And If I start behaving more normally and not overwhelming her too much , can I rekindle that interest that she had in me ? Or should I continue to pursue her as before ?


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  • Every woman has her own individual limit on clingy guys, so that's difficult to guage.

    Did you go from talking a few times a week to texting/calling several times everyday? Did you start trying to see her everyday? Did you get mad if she didn't respond right away? And how do you know she believes you were smothering her? Did she say something?

    In some cases, yes, the spark can be rekindled. In other cases, where maybe you creeped her out or smothered her to the point of annying the crap out of her, then no.

    We really need much more information to give you good advice on this one.


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  • I asked the same question a couple of days ago and got a decent amount of responses. Try looking through the past couple of days of questions. It's filed under behavior.

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