How can I show a guy that I like him when we hang out?

Usually if I'm texting him I don't mind saying I like him etc, in person I'll have a moment when I'll admit it. We don't go to the same school so the rare times I get to see him I'd like it to be nice. So guys, any advice on subtle things I can do to show some interest? (By the way, I'm that dork who's never been kissed so yeah...subtlety is the key :) thanks!)


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  • Okay, so first break the touch barrier... It inhibits lots of flirting. So once you've done that (could be by a playful punch if he's teasing you) it opens up heaps of opportunities. You can lie on his shoulder or reach for his hand. Also if you get offered his jacket except it (even if you aren't cold). It let's him know you're into him. Yea, that's about as subtle as I can think... Hope it helps and good luck.

    By the way, dorky, never-been-kissed girls are the cutest. :)

    • Last time we sat next to each other and I had my head on his shoulder, he kissed my cheek for the first time, and my hand, which he held. He made all the first moves because he knows I sure as the hell won't lol but I felt bad leaving it all to him. So this next time, I figured if I just meet him half way by at least doing something, he might enjoy our time more. And thanks, this helps a bunch.

    • Your welcome :) you sound really sweet.. I hope things work out for you.

    • Thanks lol, and I do as well. He's a nice guy, difficult but hey. It doesn't mean we have to date now or at all but I'd like to be more open with him. Or try. When he kissed me I pulled away and he made jokes for the longest time about it ha (not even good ones, like the horrible puns that have you internally shaking your head). So yeah two dorks, whoohoo. What can go wrong right :P

  • Well like said, touching, innocent touching. If you watch a movie, sit close and lay your head on his shoulder. Twirl your hair and affirm by touching his arm.


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