Why didn't she respond to my text?

I've been friends with this girl for a couple of years, but we just started talking regularly. She calls me too so I know she enjoys talking to me. We went out last weekend and she told me she had fun. I've texted and called her a couple of times since then. She usually acts very excited when she sees or hears from me. She has NEVER not responded to a text or phone call from me. However, she didn't respond to my text this time. I knew she had been sick all week and I simply asked how she was feeling. (I had also checked on her the previous 2 days and she genuinely seemed to be glad to hear from me.) I am always respectful of her time when I contact her.

It really hurts when girls do this to me. I know she doesn't seem to be that type, but we were never in contact this much before so I don't feel like I know her well enough to say that she would never play games.

Am I starting to annoy her?


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  • Well if you're over texting her, it's possible. But you said that she didn't feel good for a while and that could be why she didn't respond. Sometimes I forget that I got a text until much much later on, by then I don't feel like responding even if I'm good friends with the person. Slow your roll on the texting and wait for her to respond, if a reasonable amount of time goes by without you hearing from her then send another one but say something that's not along the lines of 'I texted you and haven't replied, what's going on? I thought you liked me' instead keep it simple and sweet.

    • Thanks for the advice. I waited about three days and tried texting her again to see how she was feeling. She replied immediately like she usually does and said she was still sick. I was hoping to be able to ask her for a second date, but I didn't feel like it would be appropriate. She didn't try to keep the conversation going which which bothers me, but maybe she just doesn't feel good enough to do so. Thoughts?

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    • I did like you said and asked her for a date next week. She said she would if she's not sick. Thanks so much for your help. I know I sound obsessive because I am. lol. I tend to over analyze everything. But I don't date much so it's pretty nerve racking for me.

    • Things will get easier, I promise.

      Glad I could help you =]

      Enjoy your date!

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