Why didn't she respond to my text?

I've been friends with this girl for a couple of years, but we just started talking regularly. She calls me too so I know she enjoys talking to me. We went out last weekend and she told me she had fun. I've texted and called her a couple of times since then. She usually acts very excited when she sees or hears from me. She has NEVER not responded to a text or phone call from me. However, she didn't respond to my text this time. I knew she had been sick all week and I simply asked how she was feeling. (I had also checked on her the previous 2 days and she genuinely seemed to be glad to hear from me.) I am always respectful of her time when I contact her.

It really hurts when girls do this to me. I know she doesn't seem to be that type, but we were never in contact this much before so I don't feel like I know her well enough to say that she would never play games.

Am I starting to annoy her?
Why didn't she respond to my text?
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