What to do when you're stuck in between two guys?

I have a boyfriend that i've been with for a month but my ex just recently came into my life again and me and him have been spending some time together me and him were together for a year . The guy I'm with is amazing . It's just that when I'm with my ex it feels so right I feel so happy but when I'm with my boyfriend I don't wanna be any where else . What do I do ? I've had times when i've left my bfs for my ex but I'm really trying but the weird thing is that when I'm with my boyfriend I feel like I'm cheating on my ex so sometimes I feel uncomfortable .


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  • Oh man...well, your heart is going to tell you to get back with your ex, you prob will, it will be a mistake...you'll demote your heart around your mid 20's after doing this a few times, and simultaneously promote your brain to make all the decisions for you, and make safe investments...stick with the guy your with.


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