Why don't guys treat me like other girls?

As in, why am I never the person they want to talk about, and why don't they approach me in the way a guy might approach a girl? I have many male friends and acquaintances who (and they are most definitely straight and often catholic), will talk to me about their life, their ideas, philosophy, girl troubles etc, sometimes for hours at a time. And I will listen, because I am like that, I enjoy cheering people up if I can, and generally am nice to everyone in my class, or wherever I go, or at least, I try :)

I just don't get why I have been on exactly one date in the past three years. And I am not joking. Oh, and I am not unreasonably ugly of face, I may have an average figure, but am normally considered pretty.


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  • Being a nice person and listening to other peoples problems makes you a good friend and that is all. It's not enough to get close to people. You need to let guys know you on a more intimate level, and you have to be open about the fact that you're single and show that you're interested by flirting with them.

  • Perhaps because you only sit around waiting for a guy to do something instead of doing something yourself...


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