So I called.......what now

So I've been asking everyone wether or not this girl has interest and if I have a shot and if I should call her. So I did. all the builit up anxiety and build up of courage cultimated in a missed call and message. Anytime I sent her an email or text she always responded. Except for my last email and she hasn't called me back should I figure she's not interested and move on because that's what I"m thinking. What other reason could there be? Should I just wait it out now because my job is done?


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  • how long has it been since you sent the email ? if its been a week I would hold up for a while maby she still is interested just can't get to you right now ... don't give up !

    • I sent her an email of a merry christmas ask how she was she responded and asked how I was I sent that email 12/29/2008. Granted she was out of the country tilll January 17th but still no response. my friends have been telling to call her and I called this past sat the 31st and not call back or email or text.

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  • wait 2 days, if she doesn't get back to you then, call back, if she doesn't call you back after that, she's not interested

    • Wouldn't the ball be in her court though and calling back be to needy I mean the message I left was like hey what's up how you doing lets chat sometime. give me a call when you get a chance. Don't you think calling back would look needy or desperate. Then again I may have already come off that way.

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    • Its worked? how would that come off as concerned I'm curious, I mean this is actually the first time I've ever called her. And if she does reply does that mean she is interested.

    • Well wouldn't you call a friend back if you were concerned about them not getting back to you, and yes

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