Did I screw something up?

Need a little advice... date went well but...

Ok, so I have casually dated this girl for 2 - 3 months and have seen her 5 times or so (for lunch at work). She seems to enjoy talking to me and has a good time. So I placed a parking ticket on her car with a little note for a Valentine's date. She called me and was very nervous and agreed to go with me. We had an amazing time, good conversation / laughter on both sides (even some playful teasing). So, I gave her some flowers and a gift. I just hope it wasn't to early to give her flowers? Anyway she told me thanks for a good evening and I blew it and said, yeah I'll see you... enjoy the gift (gloves)! She said I will! So I texted her on the third day stating I had a really good time and would call her this weekend. So I called her and got no response? I know she likes me, but I can't help but think... did I screw something up? Or is she just "busy"? When should I call her again?

I will admit, she is a busy person though. I regret not calling her sooner...


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  • If she really liked you I think she would have answered or called back.

    I'm not sure what the flowers were, but it may have been a little early - however if you have been casually dating for 3 months, it was probably OK.

    The gift may have been a little overboard, I probably would have opted for one or the other. So you kind of threw all your cards on the table. There's no way she doesn't know that you like her quite a bit.

    When did you call her? Not sure if you should call back. Need a time reference here.

    • I called her at around 1:00 today...

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    • Yes, I guess call her in a few days. But she's starting to sound not interested. I don't think it's anything you did. But there is such a thing as out of sight, out of mind. Maybe text her a funny pic of yourself and say something like "Hope you feel better". (You didn't mean sleeping around as with other guys did you?) Good luck...

    • Nope didn't mean it like that at all. I'll have to think of something funny to cheer her up.

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