How to flirt with a guy without an other guy noticing the flirting?

I'm in a bit of a complex situation. I have two really good guy-friends. We've been having these sleepovers for ages, so I know everything about them and they about me.

Now I like one of these guys and I flirt with him and he flirt a bit back, he gets a bit nervous when he is alone with me, but is also pretty happy when I lay my head on his chest. So everything is fine, except that he is sometimes a bit shy.

Now here is the problem; the other guy likes me, but I only like him as a friend. So when we have a sleepover tomorrow I want to be a bit more obvious about my feeling for the friend I like, but I don't want to hurt the other friend. What should I do?


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  • Tell them the truth! If they are both your friends the deserve that at least. Why do people want to hide stuff and keep secrets?

  • Im sorry but flirting without the guy knowing you're flirting completely defeats the purpose of flirting.

    • you're probably right haha. but I want the other guy to not notice. the guy I'm flirting with is supposed to know. wait this doesn't make any sense - never mind!

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