What is he thinking?

Kso , I met this guy , and we talked a lot. We even exchanged number and sometimes we'd text but mostly just talk online. He's the same age as me, we Skype and talk about anything and everything and laugh and a lot of the times he'd say stuff like "why can't there be any girls like you around here." :$

He's also always asking me why I still don't have a boyfriend yet, so I decided to trick him into thinking that I finally got one, and he actually fell for it. He even told me how he tried to look for him on my fb page to see him. & I told him that he doesn't use fb and how he's with me right now in my room & that he's so cute ('He' is actually just my stuffed animal LOL ) He told me how he got a girlfriend too and we just joked around with each other saying stuff like "Oh who's the unlucky guy/girl ?"

But after that conversation, he's never spoken to me and the last thing he said to me was "have fun with your bf" ... I didn't even get a chance to tell him that I was just joking. Now that we don't talk anymore , I feel kinda hesitant to talk to him because I feel like he doesn't want me to talk to him anymore.. Is he angry that I got a 'bf' or ... ? :\

I'm not sure that he'd like me even though it seems obvious because he called me his 'best friend' lol. So I just thought maybe i;m just thinking too much of what he says ...


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  • I'll tell you what it looks like to me. It looks like he likes you. And you played games and gambled and lost. By telling him you had a boyfriend, you effectively put him in the friend zone. He decided to cut and run rather than stick around and hear you tell him all about your boyfriend. He doesn't want to become your shoulder to cry on. This has happened to me with guys before. We're talking and it seems to be going great, then he starts telling me all about this other girl he likes. It hurts. So I usually pull away after that. If he believed you, it probably crushed him. If he didn't, he might not have wanted to play games.

    Or it's possible that he didn't really like you that way, though, from what you've said it sounds like he did.

    Anyway, that's my two cents.

    • Well we don't live anywhere near each other, so I didn't think he'd actually want a relationship. He seems more like the type to stay close to home with his choices. Should I just casually bring up a conversation with him & then tell him I was just kidding? :\ ..

      Btway , thanks for your answer :) !

    • I definitely think your best bet would be to fess up and tell him why you did it. If it turns out that he likes you, but can't do the long distance thing, at least you'd know. If not then who knows. But it's best to be honest.

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