Guys.. will you tell a girl you want to hang out with them and there be no attraction?

This guy I like always seem excited when I bring up hanging out or something. I first asked him a simple question if he was going to a party and he said "Definitely I'll be there. You're going to be there, right?" Then I was talking about a place I enjoy going to a lot with me and my friends and he said that he wants to come too. He asked me what day I was planning on and to let him know as soon as possible. Thing too, he doesn't really know me super well. Guys do you do this to girls right away if you're not interested in them?


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  • he seems needy... better to catch you there, then to go with you there, you know? the whole element of surprise type thing... but yeah, it sounds like he could just be going with you to scope out other girls, it looks better to us when we walk in with girls (notice the plural)

    • Well, I'm not sure. I didn't even say who I was going with I just said me and my friends like to hang out there sometimes. I didn't even ask him. He asked if he could come. And he knows all of my friends already. He doesn't really seem interested in them. He only really talks to me. I'm just tired of all the mind games. It's getting frustrating.

    • I know tell me about it, haha

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