Good first date topics, please?

I'm going on a date this week and after the last one I'm scared that there's going to be a few awkward silences. I never know how to fill them and always end upi blurting something stupid out which makes me seem like an idiot.

Ayone got any tips on how to prevent me digginng a hole for myself?


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  • Go on a hike. No one will blame you if you're out of breath and can't talk, or you point out something you see, like a cool-looking tree or neat clouds.

    The other option, and this always works, is to ask prepared questions about your date. People usually like talking abut themselves, and almost always seem knowledgeable about the topic.

    Don't talk about your ex's. Do ask simple questions like if they have any favorite movies or foods that come to mind. Pets?

    If it's a blind date, it's usually pretty obvious right at the start if there is physical attraction on either side.

    Good luck.

    • Thanks a lot for the tips - I like the idea of the hike... just not sure I will look very sexy in hiking attire! Only one way to find out, I guess! :)

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